About Us

At Vaastukala we are constantly refining and redefining the subject through a feed back from our clients and blending it with the suggestions from our advisory board thus making it easy to follow by a concerned housewife for peace and prosperity of the home to a Corporate house for increasing output and enhancing team spirit / inter personal relationships. It is through our Research & Development that we have been successful in harmonizing energy flow under any given conditions.

Our Principal Consultants have worked with a large number of residential, business, commercial and industrial properties and have successfully resolved many problems through Vaastu.

An alumni of Modern School and St.Stephens College, Delhi, Mr. Chawla feels he was destined to be a Vaastu proponent as it was during his tenure with Philips India that he was introduced to Vaastu Shastra in 1988. Since the past 20 +years he has been refining and redefining the subject to make it easy to follow.

What Media Says About Our Service

"This ancient science of architecture will take you beyond the material comforts of the modern world"

The Asian Age
" A management consultant may provide the profits but does not harmonize the office, according to Rakesh Chawla, Vaastu provides both."
"Invented by Rakesh Chawla, the Energy cycle is a combination of Vaastu, Fengshui and Pyramidology"
The Hindustan Times