Vaastu FAQ

Q 1. How can an ancient concept like vaastu help in todays world and is it practical to follow?
A 1. As mentioned earlier Vaastu is an ancient concept like Yoga, the latter was conceived and conceptualized for good health and peace of mind and the former for Prosperity and Well being. We feel Vaastu is Yoga for a structure, not only does it make living more pleasurable it also adds joy to life

Q 2. Can we incorporate Vaastu in any existing structure without affecting structural changes?
A 2. Yes you can because Structural changes are akin to surgery on the Human body and taken up as a last resort, over the years many corrective measures and remedial tools have been evolved which have redeemed surgery. Vaastu can be incorporated at any stage, before, during or after construction.

Q 3. Do Corporate houses follow Vaastu or is it only for Residential purposes?
A 3. Today everyone follows vaastu some discreetly others openly, since it is Yoga for a structure even Commercial complexes and Industries are now following it. After all who does not want Harmony?

Q 4. How do Companies benefit by following Vaastu?
A 4. Our Experience says it increases productivity both Intellectual as well as Industrial and above all a feel good factor sets in which improves Relationships as well.

Q 5. What kind of Industries follow Vaastu?
A 5. There are many cases of companies turning around after following Vaastu and today it is followed by one and all be it Software, Communications, Infrastructure, Automobile, Garments, Retail, Fashion, Restaurants, Hotels etc.

Q 6. Is vaastu followed only in India.
A 6. Vaastu Today has caught the attention of Young and old alike thanks to the Electronic and Print media. The awareness is not only confined to India it has gone viral across the globe.

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