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The most ancient science of architecture that goes back to the Vedic ages, it is composed of specific rules and regulations, set down by sages of those times, that an architect / builder / owner was expected to religiously follow to avoid coming under negative or evil influences. Today, it is looked upon as a highly evolved, comprehensive building philosophy in which directions and shapes are the most vital aspects of designing.

It is our endeavour to take vaastu to every house hold and we are striving hard to make it easy to follow in a short span of time. To cope with global demand for Authentic vaastu classes we stand committed to offer

"learn quickly but surely" as our motto for weekend classes.

Level 1.

This is a basic level where in participants are explained the 4 Quadrants, 8 Directions, 16 Zones, 32 sections of any plot/structure.

The role and importance of 5 universal elements their cyclic movement in Nature and in your life.

How to balance the above to improve vaastu of your house, office, showroom etc...

Layout analysis of the house you are living in.

Level 2.

Detailed explanation of Energy Fields.

How to feel the Flow inside as well as outside.

How to balance energy flow.

What you feel 'within' is what you experience "outside". Simple meditations are taught to change your vibrational frequency to achieve happiness and peace of mind.

"We always encourage to share your experiences with your friends and relatives to spread happiness " (For details of information please call to clarify)

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