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The five universal elements represent the five core issues that we all face. Health, Wealth, Happy relationship, Growth and Peace.

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This element/zone represents your professional life. Happiness is also governed by it. Any imbalance such as a cutoff Southwest or a depression in this zone can create tremors in your professional career, at times it is felt like an earthquake.


This element/zone represents growth/procreation. It directly translates to finances/family. An imbalance of this element such as an elevated North or blocked East can hamper your growth prospects and may drown your efforts like a typhoon.


This element/zone represents health. There is a saying health is wealth, may be thats the reason why it is also considered to be the wealth zone in FengShui. An imbalance of this element can erupt like a volcano causing disease in the body and mind. It has an inherent clash with water.


This element/zone is primarily responsible for good relations. A static environment can make you feel claustrophobic; hence in this zone movement is recommended. An imbalance of this element like the northwest of the room / building being cut off or if this zone is lower then the northeast can have serious Repercussions in your relationship with your colleagues, spouse, children’s and not to forget your in-laws. Remember volatile winds are Tornadoes that can uproot everything.


This occupies the center, is considered to be most subtle of all elements. Any imbalance here can strike you like lightening. When communications are delinked at work or at home you feel frustrated and let down. Your need to be centered is profound. In the good old days house had a central courtyard and each member of the family enjoyed his/her own space. If there is a depression or a pool of water in the center of your premises that can cause a lot of disturbance in your life.